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Image by Elena Rabkina


Coliving: an urban and innovative housing concept

When you are co-living in our apartments, home is more than the content in the walls of your communal apartment. It provides an opportunity to avoid loneliness and instead live and interact with other people. The whole building is designed around a sense of community, and through carefully designed communal areas and services, residents gain access to a high residential standard and quality of life. The rent includes basic things such as heat, water, and electricity. But also fully furnished housing, top notch Wi-Fi, a local host who manages cleaning of communal areas, and third-party services that we know attract and create cost efficient added value for our target group.

Together AB is currently partnering with the leading co-living provider COLIVE in the Swedish market. 


The company was founded in 2018 by Katarina Liljestam Beyer and Jonas Häggqvist to remedy two major problems: the housing shortage and loneliness among young adults. The company had 12 employees in the spring of 2022 and is continually growing. Large external long-term owners include Wallenstam, HEBA real estate company and Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society (KfS).  


COLIVE currently operates occupied co-living buildings in the Stockholm region; in Södermalm, Lidingö and Haninge. COLIVE plans to expand aggressively in Sweden in order to establish sustainable co-living housing for young adults, mainly in urban and growth areas, as well as university centers.


Our apartments

Our buildings contain a number of shared apartments, as well as a communal lounge on the first floor where all residents can gather and mingle. The shared apartments are designed for 6-12 people living together. Every tenant has a private room, including bathroom, and shares communal areas such as kitchen, living room and a balcony with their roomies. Besides the shared apartment there is access to communal spaces in the building and a common laundry room.
Thanks to our smart app, individuals with similar interests are brought together in the same communal apartment. This improves well-being and leads to longer stays.

Image by Austin Distel

Målgrupper från olika generationer

Together kommer inledningsvis leverera för målgruppen young professionals där behovet är som störst. I ett nästa steg vill vi bredda målgruppen att också omfatta 55+ och seniorboende; i samma byggnad, i byggnader intill varandra eller som helt separata projekt. Delningsekonomin är här för att stanna; med delat boende blir kostnaderna lägre, servicen bättre och roligare att vara del i en utvecklande gemenskap.

Coliving and coworking are from the same family. 

Coliving and Coworking are siblings. Together Coliving wants to make it easier for people to live and work and will therefore offer the tenants a coworking space in the lower floor of the building. This space is also open to others, which increases the exchange between the people in the house and in the resort, a great value for all parties. According to an American survey, in the USA it costs about USD 700 (about SEK 7,000) more per month per person to spend the day at their workplace in the "office in town". The amount covers travel, parking and other related expenses. This means that many (in the US) also work from home for financial reasons, not only because it appeals to the modern person, simplifies life and increases efficiency. Reasonably, we have the same situation in Sweden. The municipalities also think that staying in the town during the day is a good idea. Coliving and Coworking are siblings, emerging with a common approach to the sharing economy and the value of community. They are here to stay.

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